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We are Hiring staff and have franchise options 


Our fully equipped mobile dog grooming vans, come to your home or place of work.


We plug into your electricity to give our lights.  We supply our own child and dog friendly cables up to 50m in length.


We carry our own water, which is heated from our vans engine.  So we don't need to plug into your water


Unique to our vans, we carry waste water holding takes, and all the waste water and hair we create is not dropped on your drive or out side your house.  It is pumped into our holding tanks, and emptied at our premises into a waste water drain at the end of the day.


Our vans are fully heated in winter.


We have the latest heated hydro dog bath / showering system.  It shampoos and rinses you dog before being dried fully using our hand and blast driers.


Our hydro bath ensures that the water temperature is maintained at just the right level for your pet. The Hydro Power shower produces a high volume of water powerful enough to penetrate the thickest coat yet gentle enough to massage the skin.


Our grooming includes:


- warm water hydro spa bath

- specialist shampoo for coat type

- coat conditioning

- flea and tick rinse

- hand and blast drying

- scissor and clipper styling as needed

- eyes cleaned

- ears cleaned and plucked

- pad trimming

- nails clipped

- anal glands expressed

- sanitary trim


We never use holding cages, cage dryers or sedate your dog

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