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We are Hiring staff and have franchise options 

Grooming Prices

Our grooming includes:


- warm water hydro spa bath

- specialist shampoo for coat type

- coat conditioning

- flea and tick rinse

- hand and blast drying

- scissor and clipper styling as needed

- eyes cleaned

- ears cleaned and plucked

- pad trimming

- nails clipped

- anal glands expressed

- sanitary trim


We never use holding cages, cage dryers or sedate your dog


Your dog is personally groomed no other dogs present.


Check with areas we cover by clicking here.



Sample prices:  


Unfortunately like most businesses, fuel prices and ever increasing grooming supplies means we have had to increase our prices. 

Small dogs (no clipping or styling) £63

Small dogs with clipping and styling £65

Medium dogs (no clipping or styling) £63

Medium dogs with clipping and styling £70

Large dogs (no clipping or styling) £63

Large dogs with clipping and styling £75

Example prices:

Labrador    £63


Westie       £65

Spaniels     £65

Lhaso Apso £65

Cockapoo Small £63 medium £70 Large £85

For an accurate grooming price please get in touch.

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